Ship hatch covers


Ship hatch covers are designed to close openings in hull structures, to provide access to the ship's premises.

The ship covers are manufactured by GESER JSC in accordance with the requirements of the RMRS and technical specifications ALKI.364.131.001VTU, ALKI.364.250.001-VTU, ALKI, 364130.002TU, ALKI.364250.001RTU.

Ship hatch covers are developed on the basis of the customer’s technical requirements. Delivery is carried out with the provision of documents, certificates confirming the quality of the product.

Ship hatch covers are certified by DNV.GL. in 2019.

Cover types:
  • flat waterproof
  • flat water permeable
  • flat splash-proof
  • flat splash permeable
  • flat fire-resistant A0 - A60
Construction options:
  • rectangular
  • round-nose
Additional equipment:
  • insulation
  • grounding
  • access control system sensors
  • compactor heating system
  • shielding
  • other options at the request of the customer